Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome All!

My name is Dixie Rising and I am a Jill of all trades.  I am a burlesque dancer and pinup model in New York City who also loves to cook, shop, experiment, and share all of my adventures.  To read about my burlesque adventures check out my other blog The Adventures of Miss Dixie Rising, to explore the wonderful world of the "Everyday Pinup" then stay in your seat because you've come to the right place.  This blog will primarily focus on fashion, beauty products, hairstyles, and doing things the "old fashioned way".  I love DIY projects and anytime I can share a secret of how to make yourself more glamorous without having do anymore than you usually do and without breaking the bank, you bet your lucky stars there will be an entry here about it.  From personal experience, expensive things feel even more luxurious when you didn't have to forgo your mortgage to pay for them. So, read on you classy dames and enjoy your time on my blog.

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