Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reconstruction of the Female Form

So, my little backseat Betties, it's time for a quick breakdown of lingerie! ONE OF MY FAVORITE TOPICS! Since we already covered stockings in a previous post we're going to stick to more traditional lingerie. :) Specifically reshaping lingerie, I am not including bras or panties or lycra shapewear here.  We can cover those later but these are going to be more fun!

Girdles, Merry Widows, and Corsalettes

What's the difference?

Girdle by Kiss Me Deadly
A Girdle is a form of shapewear used to firm the tummy and buttocks.  It can come in many formats from a roll-on mesh skirt with garters to a more corseted look with boning and zipper or eyehooks.  I have included a photograph of a vintage one that I own (I bought if from SHAG here in Williamsburg) and another photo of my favorite one from Kiss Me Deadly, a UK lingerie company

A Merry Widow by What Katie Did Lingerie
A Merry Widow is not necessarily shapewear. It does mimic a corset in that it shapes the stomach and bust and it covers the torso but only to the waist and may or may not have garters attached.  They do not cover the hips and can be likened to a bustier, they usually zip shut and are not incredibly adjustable.  I have one from Frederick's of Hollywood and it doesn't really shape me all that much. Here is one by What Katie Did LIngerie.
Me wearing a Victoria's Secret Corselette

A Corselette covers the entire torso serving as a bra and usually has garters that are attached.  I wear mine with a wiggle dress that has a completely sheer top and no one's the wiser, plus it's a lot less clothing to have to deal with.  I realize some people would only wear them in the bedroom... but wears the fun in that?(pun intended) It may or may not have eye hooks or a zipper.  Here is me wearing one by Victoria's Secret in a photo shoot. 

Corsets and Waist Cinchers

Waist Cincher by Vamps and Tramps
A Waist Cincher is a corset for your waist.  It may come directly under the bust or merely around the waist and may.  It may or may not lace up, it may or may not have boning, it may or may not have garters BUT they do shape the stomach area. Typically they don't support the bust. If you like the one on the right you can buy it at Vamps and Tramps Clothing.  I personally am seriously digging the models hair.

Dark Garden Corsets
Corsets are one of the oldest forms of shapewear.  Lacing up the front or back or both (usually the back laces up) and having a rigid piece of boning in the front, known as the busk.  They can be decorative as the one I'm wearing is or waist-training meaning that they are worn constantly to shrink the waist and once the waist attains that shape a smaller edition will be sported.  A real corset can shrink the average waist up to 4 inches... some people can only lace it to three others can lace it super tight and lose 5 inches or more off their natural waist.  Everyone is different.  Sizing corset can be difficult and you should check your sizing with the manufacturer/designer. Some of my favorites are Dark Garden Corsetry, Corset StoryOrchard Corset and Etsy.  I personally don't recommend EBay for this adventure... Typically if you have a 30" waist you'd buy a 28" waist corset... so when laced there is space in the lacing (which there should be) and you're waist is 2"- 4" smaller.  BUT ONCE AGAIN, check with the manufacturer- not all corsets can handle that, nor all people for that matter.
Dita Von Teese in a Corset

Lacing them is another huge point of contention, mind you there IS a correct way to do it.  I'm putting Orchard Corset's video regarding lacing yourself into a corset at the end of this post. Also, remember that (especially if you are performing or wearing a corset long-term) only YOU or a PROFESSIONAL should be tight-lacing you - if you are tight-lacing,  other people should not be lacing you into a corset as they may lace you too tightly and tie off the ribbon where you can't untie it.  However, anyone you wish may unlace you...

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this! Corsets give us girls the perfect shape but if only I could stand to be in one for more than 10 minutes without wanting to rip it off! x