Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WWII style Sweetheart Rings Make My Heart Race

WWII Sweetheart Rings by Fancy Sexy Me and I am in serious lust for these bad boys.  They are delicate looking and in my opinion very clever, being able to worn individually (photo to the right) or together (pictured below.)  Stacking so that the heart is protected and encased by the clasped hands... OH SO ROMANTIC.

According to the blurb about them they are sweetheart rings inspired by WWII when soldiers would give these to their girls stateside so that their love could be felt over the vast seas between the two.  I told you it was romantic.  They are available at SHAG in Williamsburg Brooklyn if you are a local and can also be ordered online from SHAG or through the original designer's site fancy sexy me These make me want a Naval Officer- or perhaps just one to kiss in the street...

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