Friday, January 4, 2013

Jeepers, Creepers, Where'd you get THOSE peepers?

Jeepers, Creepers! Where'd You Get Those Peepers?

Today I am going to do a review on false lashes.  I happen to know more about false eyelashes than your everyday gal- since I wear them ALL THE TIME.  Before reading this you should be made aware that they are addictive and once you go big you can't go back!

Some EXTREMELY long eyelashes of mine
I use strip lashes as they work the best for me.   I've used many brands and I'm here to tell you that the two that stick out are Makeup Forever and Mattese

Makeup Forever has AMAZING eyelash glue hold-wise BUT the application can be messy and it stains clothes (I dripped some on a black costume skirt and now it looks like it came out of Monica Lewinsky's closet.)

I have two sets by Makeup Forever. #25115  are pink at the lid line and about half-way down the lash they become black with little decorative tips. 

#25116- are a dark heavy black feathered lash- great for when you need to look dangerous.

I find that Makeup Forever's eyelashes are very high quality- great for multiple uses (I reuse them for MONTHS) easy to apply but not as easy to trim, especially the feather ones as cutting the inner tip dramatically changes the effect of the lashes.  I would recommend just starting on the inner corner of the eye and extending beyond the lash line if need be- don't trim them at all if you can avoid it.  Their eyelashes cost between $10.00 and $22.00 a set.

On to Mattese Eyelashes.

These are my favorite.  They are inexpensive (between $7.00- $14.00 a set)
however not all of them come with eye lash glue.  I have so many pairs of these I don't know where to begin but I will share two of my favorite lashes they make.

This set is very Marylin Monroe and I wear these for regular appearances in and around the city.  They are clearly false lashes and I really love them.  They provide a heavy lidded look and give that smoldering temptress her bedroom eyes.

Me wearing Mattese lashes
These lashes are super fun- though can be a little uncomfortable if they are put on wrong- they are stiffer than some of the other models.  I am wearing these in my profile picture both here on blogger and in my pinup set on my facebook page.

I find that Mattese's lashes are a little more cost effective and last just as long (they even have VERY similar styles to Makeup Forever) for me they are easier to get as there is a Ricky's on every other corner here in New York City but you can always order them online from Ricky's (which if you don't know about Ricky's, it's a Mecca for drag queens, strippers, burlesque dancers, and rockabillys.)  They carry both natural and crazy lashes... though I say, go big or go home- everyone knows that your eyelashes are not that long or full or well curled so you may as well live it up.

As far a glue goes- buy a tube of both clear and black from DUO (it's the best glue I've used.)  I rarely use the black but it can be great if you are doing a jet black eye or very dark makeup near the lash line however, I suggest using the clear until you are a lash master.  

How to put on false lashes:
Before you begin put your eye makeup on.  It's easier to adjust eye makeup once the lashes are on rather than attempting to create a look from scratch- that's my opinion everyone is different, only experimentation will help you.

When you pull the strip off the plastic mold remember to pull from one end (not the middle, you don't want to accidentally put a kink or break in your lashes) and smoothly peel them off their holder.  Even though it is sticky you must still use glue, even if they say they are self adhesive, you must still use glue- the tacky stuff they use to stick it to the plastic WILL NOT hold it to your eye. 

Put a very thin strip of glue on the part of the eyelash you are placing above (for the top and below if you are using bottom lashes as well) your lash line.  Allow it to get tacky BEFORE putting it on your eye.  You have to let eyelash glue cure before attaching it to your eye. 

Once the glue is ready (anywhere from 30-60 seconds or so for me) start on the inner part of your lash line where you want the lashes and gently press them on  (I use the handle of a makeup brush to hold it place) and follow the lash line all the way across the eye to the outer corner.  Starting from the inside of the eye and moving outward gives you more control on where the lashes are situated and allows you to decide if you need to trim them and which end you should trim from. Hold it in place a minute and then if they are satisfactory do it on the other eye.  Voila!  Beautiful false lashes!

Don't be afraid to wear big lashes, or colorful lashes.  They are fun and easy to wear and once you know the tricks can really bring an outfit to life- a femme fatale, an innocent anjenu, a doe-eyed sock hopper, or that smoldering temptress we talked about earlier.

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  1. You should try the ELF lashes, but use the makeup forever glue. Christy swears by them and they're super cheap!