Monday, January 7, 2013

My Vintage Vanity Part 1

This is a sugar bowl. I love that it has magnolias on it. 
Some of my favorite vintage items are vanity items. I remember going to my Aunt Shirley's house and playing in her glass powder container with giant puff. My Aunt Donna also always had lots of glass bottles of perfume and lotions on her vanity and in her bathroom.  My mother's vanity too, was covered in jars and bottles and while the vanity now resides with my sister and the bottles and jars have all long since been disposed of, I am still enthralled by glass canisters of lotions and big powder puffs. So, I'm going to share with you how I manage to give my vanity this feel without actually having to own any vintage vanity items. (I mean I do own many vintage items but here is how I fake some of them.)

I love the brand Tocca for perfume and lotion.  The actual jar shown here is how the sell their lotion... I love it, it's so creamy and light that a little goes really far and the smells are just decadent. Also, I get a lovely glass jar- that I can fill with whatever I want when I'm done with the lotion. Also, the round box next to the glass jar is the box it came in... which I filled with my Lush foot powder (so my feet don't sweat in my stocking.) I simply bought a cheap drugstore powder puff for about $3.50 and voila! 

I did a similar thing with my regular body powder using a sugar bowl I thrifted from a local junk shop. Sorry, I'm not one for vintage plastic- I think they look a little cheap for me... too dimestore. I like the luxury of glass and the vintage one's online were exorbitantly priced and mostly plastic, the shapes reminded so much of a sugar bowl that I just went to my local thrift shop and snapped one up for about $2.50. Cleaned it up really well, dumped the the powder inside and bought a drugstore powder puff. 

 A few years ago I found a lovely bathroom vanity set on clearance at Anthropologie. A three piece set of a water cup "Eau" and soap dish and a covered jar shown to the left in unglazed white porcelain. They are in an elegant Art Nouveau style. Very '20's and 30's. 

I keep cotton balls in the "Beaute" jar, my jewelry on the soap dish (as if I'd put soap on it! HA!) and my makeup brushes in the water cup "Eau." This on my vanity paired with my Tocca perfume bottle hearkens back on day long past of luxury and style. It certainly beats  plastic containers, plastic bottles, and plastic pump top items with ugly pictures of legs and such on them.
Modern Vanity and jewelry fits right in with my Vintage watch.
My perfume is Giulietta by Tocca and my makeup
brushes are a combination of Victoria's Secret and
Sephora's store brand brushes.
 The jewelry pictured is: a vintage watch from the 1930's that was my Aunt's, a Tiffany's Palomo Picasso heart ring in silver that I received for Christmas and my Tiffany's necklace that I received for my birthday.  Tiffany's is always welcome in my book, vintage or not, jewelry from this classic store doesn't lose it's value and is always in style, plus I feel that it added to the class of my photos.  I have lots more vanity items that are garage sale finds and I'll share those in a later post, most of those however, actually are vintage items and I wanted this post to be more about how I fake vintage.

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