A Few of My Favorite Things

Where I shop and what I buy:
Shag in Brooklyn I get my undergarments and sexy toys here

Honey 110 N. 6th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 302.1760 I get stockings, sexy gifts, and undergarments here

Rickys I get my eyelashes and most of my hair supplies here as well as my stage makeup

Dollsville Hair Pieces I get almost all of my hair flowers and such from Laura... she's a lifesaver

Molly Rose Post Jewelry Molly Rose makes incredible jewelry, I would say that most of my amazing earrings come from her collections that I didn't inherit from my Mom

Lush Holy crap, what DON'T I buy here! Soap, glitter, solid perfume, bath bombs, hand salves, face masks, and the BEST bubble bath on the PLANET! 

Amber Ray Probably one of the best burlesque flower makers in NYC. You will sparkle and glisten my friend!